You can help people, make the world a better place AND grow a business at the same time.


I'm Marianne. I help doulas, therapists, coache and other people helping specialists to start and scale their business to make and income by gaining clarity in who they are, who is their client and how to communicate with your client so that your clients just KNOWS that you are the best match for them.

I love supporting people. That's why I dropped my first company (did marketing) and started my second one to support new parents as a postpartum doula, parenting and sleep coach. At first, it was so much fun! I loved the people, I loved learning about counseling skills and I loved seeing people happy and calm when I helped them. Then, something happened in my family... My husband had to leave his well paying job, we had to sell our house due to that and we moved to the other side of the country to build our life up again. I was burned out, depressed and couldn't work for almost a year.


I needed also an income, not just a job I love. I know how this is done, I have done that before! So I managed to create an income at a market where most service providers do it voluntarily or for little extra income.

Now I want to help you do it.

The world needs people like me and you to be successful. I don't want a really good specialist to change career or burn out because the business side is not working. People need you.


You do what you do best - help people, and let's work out the business side together to make it sustainable.


I'd love to hear from you